About This Blog

“So, how’s life over in….where is it you are again?”

With a few variations, I’ve gotten this question a million times. I started this blog to give my family and friends a little glimpse into what is going on in my life – where I’m at, what I’m doing, things I find interesting or amusing and other minutia of my life. It isn’t meant to be fine art – when I first started blogging I found myself not putting up posts until they were perfect, then not finding time to make them perfect and so just not posting them! I found out that blogs are not the best vehicles for perfectionists, so this this is my second attempt at getting this started. I will post whatever it is that I’m thinking about and want to share so that you can get a taste of the life of Jenny – I hope you find something to amuse, entertain or inspire you. If not, well, tough!

As for the name, I have no clue where the quote actually comes from, but it is the sentiment that I like.  (I remember my dad saying it as a kid, I think as part of the Department of Redundancy Department jokes.) It’s somewhat comforting to think that despite the far-flung places I travel to, I’m still essentially me – a me with hopefully a changed worldview based on my experiences, but me nonetheless.  And kinda scary at the same time…


1 thought on “About This Blog

  1. Really cool blog. Looks like you’ve been busy. Hope all is well. Hi to Nick. I’ll forward to others that may not be on you list.

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