how odd

I see the oddest things here in Brighton. A few days ago I was out for a jog along the waterfront. I was running past a very swank looking guy (very, very slowly…if it could even be called running!). He had spiked black hair, wore a very Euro turtleneck sweater, and had a cell phone that appeard to surgically connect his right hand and ear. And under his left arm was…a tambourine.

Minis- the car. I didn’t know that there were also Mini pick-up trucks, and station wagons. True. I’ve seen them with my own eyes.

And today, on my normally mundane bus ride to campus, we passed one of the many funeral homes that line London Road. In front of one was a horse drawn hearse. The horses were wearing black cloaks, and the whole carriage was decorated in fairly gaudy carnation-like flowers. And then I saw the leopard print casket buried in all the flowers. And the photo of the woman who, I presume, lay in the coffin. I didn’t even know leopard print was an option. I’ll have to remember that.


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