back to school

I hate that sick-in-your-stomach feeling the day before the end of a holiday. Unfortunately, mine ended up lasting about 4 days. I got bumped off my incredibly oversold flight from Johannesburg to London (via Nairobi and Amsterdam), and had to stay in Jo’burg for another two days. Could have been worse – they paid me $300 and put me up in a posh hotel room. And at least Nick was there to keep me company. But, still – it stinks to have to prolong a goodbye. Once you get all packed and ready to go and you’re at the airport, you just want to go and get it over with. Instead, you get stuck in limbo.

I made it back to good ole’ Brighton this morning after over 24 hours of traveling. I am ready to not see a plane again for a good long time. Doubt that will happen.

I had an amazing time in Cape Town – this was my fourth trip down there, and I feel quite at home there now. It was about the most laid back, relaxed vacation I’ve had in a really long time. Well, except for that term paper hanging over my head (blech).

Now it’s back to school. Only a few more weeks of classes, then dissertation time. GULP! Scares the crap out of me.


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