Squeekers and the Pink Palace

Squeekers has managed to make the move to full-time housecat happily, and continues to be our major source of entertainment (no comments about us being easily amused, she is damn funny!)

We decided to cat-nap her when we moved to our new place in August. After the 4th of July, she took to living in our house, adopting one of our pot plants as her litter box (stinky) and generally making herself at home. She’d head out every once and awhile – I’m sure to go and get her second dinner – what a piggy. When we moved, it turned out our neighbors had left on a 3 month vacation without making any arrangements! Nick and I had been wanting a kitten so…we cat-napped her.

There are a ton of strays around our new place (which one of our friends named the Pink Palace, though Nick is convinced it’s more red than pink….). So we decided we would keep her inside – the last thing we needed were mini-Squeekys running around. She LOVES to climb – we have a rolled up area rug we can’t bear to put down because it’s become her favorite climbing post. She also climbs the bars on the windows and generally sits anywhere where she can survey the room. She seems quite happy, sitting next to the stove watching us make dinner, looking excited when the DVD player makes its turning on sounds, meowing furiously from the window when she sees our car pull up.

Ok, enough about Squeekers – I don’t want to be one of those crazy cat ladies talking incessantly about their cat, but we really do love her! It’s nice to have he to entertain us – it can get a bit boring around here…

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