30th Birthday!

Today I officially turn 30 years old! Let the jokes begin…

I wasn’t sure what to do to celebrate the big milestone. The Monrovia party scene is an odd one – you either have a small gathering of people, or you have a big party that nearly everyone in Monrovia feels entitled to show up to, whether you know them or not. I didn’t really want to supply booze to the entire expat community (nor did I really have the time to plan it), so I decided to ring in my 30th with a much more low-key event.

My bday falls on a Monday, so I decided to celebrate the weekend before. As has happened the last few years, there have been a few kinks in my plans. A few weeks ago Nick found out that he might have to be in Abidjan over the weekend…he did everything he could to make sure that he could be here for the party. And it was integral to my plan to have him here – I wanted to have a brunch (my favorite meal – breakfast food that you don’t have to get up early for!), and he makes an amazing quiche! 🙂 Actually, birthdays always mean a lot to me, and since this was a big one it was great that he was able to finagle a way to be around.

A bunch of friends came over around 11am, and we moseyed over to the pool. Despite a huge night out the night before (and the wicked hangovers that came with it), Nick was up SUPER early to start cooking (I helped of course!). We had an awesome spread of home– banana bread, tzatziki and pita, fruit salad, chocolate brownies, ham and mushroom quiche, and best of all, Nick managed to make me a special treat…BAGELS! He figured out how to make sesame bagels (not at all easy), one of the things I missed from home. My mom also figured out with Nick how they could get a cake made for me in Liberia – who knew? With the amazing spread, friends, and tons of mimosas, we had an awesome brunch. We hung out around the pool all day, soaking up the sun and having a great time.

My actual birthday has been much quieter – Nick couldn’t manage to stay today and is off in Abidjan. I had dinner with a friend, enjoying some sushi and margaritas. Overall 30 has gotten off to a good start!


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