Our first week on the road had been pretty hectic, hitting major sites every day, covering long distances sometimes devoid of people. It was great to be back in a big city, for me anyways! We slept in late (as one should on Sunday), enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning walking around the city, having coffee and bagels and reading the local paper. With no real plan in mind, we wandered down to Pike Place market to see the fish, the crowds and the flowers (they have more amazing floral bouquets than they do fish it seems. Clever me deduced there was a Mariners game going on by the number of people wearing jerseys and funneling through Union Square towards the stadium, but I only realized later that the reason so many people were wearing Twins shirts and people were calling out ‘Yay Twins!’when we were driving around in Nelly (our car with MN plates)wasn’t just random, but that they were the opponent…Well, it was Sunday, I was a little slow!

I did have one thing I wanted to do Sunday – visit Beecher’s Cheese Shop and try out their supposedly ‘World’s Best Mac and Cheese’. Watching the cheese being made was pretty cool – something similar to Nick’s excitement watching airplanes being built, but a lot unhealthier 🙂 The Mac and Cheese was indeed pretty good – basic with a nutty cheesy flavor – though I’m not sure about the world’s best claim…but I’m a pretty tough customer. It’s a stop I highly recommended to any cheese lover!

Since we’ve been on the road, we haven’t really had much time for happy hours, my favorite time of the day. We’ve been getting in pretty late, so have spent the 6-7pm time driving somewhere, which makes drinking a major problem. That second night in Seattle we planned to camps outside the city, but after a few local brews decided that enjoying the sunshine and checking out the Sunday night happy hour scene was a better plan, so we got a room again at the hotel we’d stayed at the night before and set off! Armed with the Seattle weekly paper which conveniently had listings of a ton of good bars and restaurants, we managed to visit quite a few super cute places.

We started out at the Cellars, recommended to us by some Starbuck enployees for their good happy hour margaritas (so-so). Once the sun on that street started to fade, we wandered to Txicho, an incredibly cute Basque tapas place. I had the red wine mixed with orange soda – pretty much like sangria with out all the annoying fruit, actually yum! Nick had what he referred to as Gummy Bear-y juice, or a calimoxo (red wine mixed with Coke). This was a favorite of students when I lived in Spain, but I never did aquire the taste. I haven’t had really good Spanish food in a LONG time – we had pinchos of tortilla, jamon serrano, croquetas, manchego…mmm. Just after we walked in and were deciding whether to stay, a big group of Spaniards walked in and started ordering – they looked like they were there visiting, and I find it funny that they came all the way to the States just to have food from home, but I guess Americans do it all the time! Lastly, we walked up to the Capitol Room in Capitol hill, which I thought was much closer than it was…but we made it eventually. I’m not sure if the Indian comedian was really as funny as I seemed to think he was, or whether the sangria made me giggle, but we had a ton of fun. On the way back to our hotel, we happened across a park where there was a big softball game going on, so we stopped to watch. Nick noticed that there was a killer game of dodgeball going on on the tennis courts next door – a bunch of 20 and 30 somethings chucking a big red ball at each other, what could be more fun, right? Nick joined in at the new game and lasted quite awhile, but they seemed to take it all pretty seriously…

I REALLY enjoyed visiting Seattle. I’d been here before with my family, but this was a totally different experience, just hanging out and enjoying the city. One thing I would highly recommend to anyone who loves music is the Experience Music Project – we didn’t go this trip, but it’s prob one of my fav places.


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