Roadtrip Happiness Is…

…the smell of damp, freshly cut grass and the smoke from far off velt fires rushing in through the vents

…needing to dig out your sunglasses even though the weather forecast called for cold and rain

…smoked beef Simba chips and Coke Light at the gas station

…dancing madly and singing along to the cheesy tunes on the only radio station in the area

…extremely random conversations about anything and everything

…hearing rush-hour traffic reports for the cities you’ve escaped and seeing no other cars on the road for miles

…the sun sinking slowly below the horizon to my right, the colors deepening and spreading across the sky, turning the landscape pink and gold

…seeing a huge yellow moon rising in the navy sky over the horizon on the other side of the car, illuminating the fields and reflecting in the ponds and reservoirs

…the feel of the fresh, cold air that hits just as the sun goes down

…cute B&Bs in odd towns (with electric blankets and MNet!)

…arriving at your destination ahead of schedule!


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