We headed over to the British Embassy club to watch the USA-England soccer match the other night – I wasn’t so sure this was a good idea, but I was assured that it was more like the Anglo club and that there would be plenty of USA supporters there. That first goal was pretty painful to watch – I had visions of a complete blowout. I was VERY glad when we tied it up (albeit with that pathetic goal) and played pretty well. USA! USA! The only other upsetting moment in the evening was when I was ordering a drink at the bar, and the little American kid next to me asked me if I was supporting England – he seemed totally surprised to hear that I was American! Um?? Really, I know I sound a little funny (I blame the South Africanisms I’ve picked up), but I am still very American! And this wasn’t the first time this trip I was asked by a fellow American where I was from – another guy sat in meetings with me for days and kept making comments to US pop-culture, ending them with comments like ‘well, Jenny, you might not understand that…’. I can’t win – to foreigners I’m super American, and apparently to other Americans I just sound weird.