getting ready for our road trip!

I’m trying hard to balance my need to plan with the desire for a bit more spontaneity – so far so good, but we haven’t started the trip yet!

Nick and I left our jobs in April – we’re probably the only people in the US at the moment who are happy to be unemployed! We decided to take a good long vacation – when else will we have as much time as we want, money in the bank, no responsibilities to speak of?! And the US seemed like a good place to go – even though our ‘places to visit’ in the world is incredibly long and growing all the time, we both thought that a roadtrip was the best way to explore the States, and since we had this big chunk of time it was perfect!

Nick’s still in SA, so I’ve been getting us ready – renting the car, buying the tent, cooler, other stuff, getting the maps, etc. My ‘planner’ instinct has goaded me to read every website ever made about roadtripping in the US, reading guide books, etc. But there is so much…there is NO way that I can digest even a quarter of it, so I’ve pretty much given up. Spontaneous travel, here we come!

We’ll be trying to write a bit about each of our stops along the way so you’ll know what we’re up to….so stay tuned. Also, I’ve posted a map here on my blog – nothing exciting on it yet, but we will update it to show you all where in the US we are.


1 thought on “getting ready for our road trip!

  1. Hey! Hey!I’m not sure how I found your blog. I was actually poking through some other stuff and saw jlgeib.blogspot… Anyway, it’s nice to find it. It seems you’re doing a better job on your blog then I am on mine. Of course I’m the dumb ass that picked a craft themed blog which means I have to MAKE stuff to POST stuff. Stupid me. Also, blogging is hard.Can’t wait to see you!Emily

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