The Ride

Nick made it in safe and sound last night, tired from his long flight from J’oburg (poor baby – he only got bumped up to first class for half of the flight!). No, to be fair he did have a long layover in DC and a delay in Atlanta. But, still! (can you tell I am jealous?)

First thing we did today was head off to the car rental place to pick up our new car. They had a few options for us – we got to sit in them all, checking the relative leg room or number of cupholders and outlets, trunk space, etc. The choice was between a Ford Focus and Kia Spectra – in the end it came down to cruise control, and the Kia won.

We still don’t have a name for it yet – we will get back to you on that one. It’s not the punchiest car – kinda bland looking and a little slow on the uptake, but it’s comfy and will fit all our crap (I hope!)

Best sign of the day – in the trunk of the Focus there is a release handle that you supposedly would use in case the mob or someone locks you in…apparently this is a common occurrence, as all the cars we looked at have them! But the Focus had a particularly good sign – it showed a car, trunk open, with dotted lines arcing out of the back and a stick person running away.


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