Beartooth Pass

It seems like everyone we ran into advised us (sometimes unsolicted advice) to go on the Beartooth Pass in Northern Wyoming/Southern Montana if it was open. As it is the start of summer, it has just recently been opened, so we thought we’d better heed the advice, even if it was out of our way somewhat.

Leaving our little motel in West Yellowstone the weather was still gross – overcast, drizzly, just generally grey. We still enjoyed the scenery driving out of the camp, despite what turned into heavier rain. I wasn’t sure the Beartooth would be worth it in this weather, but we decided to check it out. And it was well worth it! Though we were travelling in extremely foggy weather (at times there was such a white out you could barely see 5 feet in front of you) the scenery was still breathtaking. We climbed up through steep mountain passes covered in snow, along roads that had only recently been plowed and whose drifts were well above the height of the car, and up to well over 10,000 feet. There were still people snowboarding up in the mountains. I can only imagine what it would have been like on a clearer day – there must be some amazing views! Apparently in July there are massive amounts of wildflowers along certain trails – I seriously can’t begin to picture that, as what we saw today was quite the frozen tundra which seems more suited to snowmobiles than hikers. But the winding switchbacks kept producing more and more stunning scenses from the car windows. I’d definitely do it again!


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