Missoula, MT

Wow – I could not have been more surprised if someone told me that eggs benedict was good for my health. We rocked up into Missoula around 8pm, heading for the KOA since the weather had finally cleared and was downright warm. First off, the KOA was so far from my idea of a campsite I was taken aback – it’s more of an RV park in the burbs. It’s located across the street from Costco, behind the TJ Max, and down the road from Target, Walgreens, and a million fast food chains.

I am SUPER glad we ventured into downtown Missoula for dinner, though. It is such a surprisingly cute town! We drove around for a bit and finally settled on sitting outside at a really cute Italian place not far from the river. After enjoying our pasta and wine, we took a walk across the bridge and wandered around town. It was so chilled – must be the college town vibe. There were great concert and movie venues showing something other than the latest Terminator movie, cute boutique shops, little independent coffee places. SO nice! And the area around ‘downtown’ is beautiful – residential with some gorgeous little houses, many with wraparound porches and nice little yards. Everyone seemed to be out running or riding their bikes. And I can’t quite figure this out – the sun was still pretty high when we arrived at 8pm, and the sky was still a bit light even at 10pm…I love that it stayed light so long! All in all a fun evening, and Missoula is on my radar as an exceptionally cool place.

Oh, and pictures. I promise that we will post some soon – we have taken a ton, but haven’t yet gotten around to downloading them, despite our best intentions….


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