Cape Town spring

We are back in Cape Town, after a LONG break in Minneapolis after the road trip. It was great being home with my fam, just hanging out – there wasn’t anything major I had to do, so we just hung out, ran errands, ate good food and enjoyed quite a few happy hours. Always luxurious to have so much time at home!

Cape Town winter (cold, rainy) is on its way out, supposedly. Actually, we had a few great days when we arrived, but a cold front moved in and I’m wishing I had more warm clothes at the moment.

I won’t go on too much, but basically we’re just trying to start all over again here – we’re applying for jobs, looking for housing, getting all that kind of stuff sorted out. Not easy, which we knew. But I’m REALLY enjoying being able to make some plans – I don’t have to think ‘will I be here in a few weeks to do X?’. Very cool.

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