I am still very happily unemployed, but unfortunately South Africa doesn’t see it the same way I do.

While on some levels it seems logical, the South African obsession with income is driving us a bit nuts. We both still have a good amount in our savings, but without money entering our banks on a regular basis, we cannot do anything here. We can’t get cell phones, even think about home loans, rent an apartment, open bank accounts, anything. I’m tempted just to pass money to someone and have them put it back into my account so it looks like I have ‘income’. Grr.

And it gets even worse for me – I am the dirty ‘F’ word. Foreigner. I am still waiting on the paperwork from the FBI clearing my record from the SA government before I can really start my temporary residence application. It would be a ton harder for Nick in the US, so I can’t really complain too much, but still…Luckily he can take responsibility for little ole’ me and open me a bank account under his name that I have signing power on. No matter that it’s my money he’s putting into the account 🙂

So, my days of being a lady of leisure continue, though I am working on a bunch of ideas of what to do next. Stay tuned.

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