YAY! Nick has a new job!

In December Nick was called in for interviews with two different regional airlines.  Airline interviews are MUCH more intense than my regular interviews, and Nick spent days and days prepping for technical exams and simulator sessions.

Right before Christmas, he finally got word from South African Airways Express (fondly referred to as SAX) that they wanted him to start early in 2009.  After some nervous weeks of not hearing anything more (ah the joys of everything closing over Christmas!) the other day they finally called him up and confirmed that he would start ground training in Johannesburg February 1.

He’ll spend the month of Feb up in Joburg for technical ground school on how to operate the CRJ, the jet he will  be flying, and refresher training on things like Dangerous Goods and Crew Resource Management that he has to do every year.  It will be really intense.  Then he’ll travel to Madrid for two weeks in March to do his simulator training, then a few weeks doing “line training”, which basically means on-the-job training.  After that he’ll be a full-fledged co-pilot.

And the best part – he was able to get a Cape Town basing, so we won’t be moving again any time soon!  Yippee!


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