testing, testing…

Today, I was actually sat down and shown in great detail how to fill out a bubble sheet test.  Use pencil (no mention of #2, don’t think they exist here), fill in completely, erase completely, make sure the answers match up properly, no stray marks, etc.  They also had to show me how to fill out the date, since it was ‘backwards’, despite the fact that I am clearly American.

Apparently mastering the art of bubble sheet completion is not the same rite of passage here in South Africa that it is in the US Educational system.  I think we had that down pat by the time we were out of 3rd grade at least, and if you could manage to avoid them throughout highschool you obviously didn’t graduate.

Just a little funny moment in my day.  Oh, and the test sheets were designed by Pearson Testing or something in Minneapolis, MN…small world.


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