Ew. Gross.

I’ve lived in my fair share of bug infested and even rodent-infested places, slept in mud huts with creepy crawlies all over, worried about scorpions on the floor of my tent, but I will NEVER get used to cockroaches.

They are just creepy, the way they sneak into places you thought were safe and scare the bejeezus out of you when they show up completely unexpected. 

We haven’t had much of a problem here in our place in Cape Town, which I thought was odd.  It never really gets very cold here and we’re so near the sea, I thought this place would be crawling with them.  We’ve seen a couple, but they usually confine themselves to our garden.

BUT – as I was sitting here, minding my own business, doing a little web research, I heard a rustling to my left.  I looked down into my purse – EW.  GROSS.  There was a GIANT roach nestled in between my wallet and notebook going to town on a small packet of almonds I had tucked away for those random munchy moments.  NOT COOL.  I must admit I freaked a little, like I always do when I see one, then managed to kick the whole thing over, get him out and doom him to death.  I followed it off with a good smack with (Nick’s) shoe, just for good measure.  Apologies to the pacifists in the crowd, but chowing on my mid-morning snack is decidedly uncool.

Ok, going to check he’s still dead under that shoe. 


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